Our Story

Karen Millen was founded in 1981 by Karen Millen and Kevin Stanford. With a loan of just £100 they began manufacturing and selling white shirts to their friends. A party plan network followed, and in 1983 they opened their first store in Kent. The company has continued to expand, and its global presence now stretches from the UK to Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia with over 270 stores worldwide and a presence in 35 countries


We produce 12 collections each season covering day, work, occasion and weekend wear. Everything in the collections is designed in house, from the lace used in our famed eveningwear to the embossed hardware on the statement bags.  In house pattern cutters complete the team and help perfect the flattering sculpted fit for which the brand is famed. By offering consistent collections worldwide we have created a brand experience. This focused and strongly directed approach maintains and builds on Karen Millen’s reputation as one of the most individual and recognizable brands in the world, with women in every country wanting to buy into the brand’s signature style.

Internationally renowned celebrities such as Eva Longoria Parker, Nicole Scherzinger and Rihanna regularly wear Karen Millen to high profile events and who work to reinforce the brand vision of iconic luxury and glamour for confident women worldwide.

Find out more about us at www.karenmillen.com

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66 responses to “Our Story

  1. debbie

    I live in NY , Any chance of getting a taupe panelled wool coat size 8 shipped to me and if so what would the cost be with shipping

  2. Christel Friis Conrad

    Can I buy a jacket online and have it delivered to Denmark – I tried, but Denmark is not on the scroll list among countries when clicking international delivery?

    Best regards
    Christel Friis Conrad

  3. km editor

    Hi Christel

    Yes delivery to Denmark should be possible, but I’ve just checked and can see it isn’t appearing as an option in the dropdown list – sorry about that, I’ve advised our technical people and it should be resolved shortly.


  4. km editor

    Hi Debbie
    Have you tried the NY store? Call them on +01 212 334 8492
    If you don’t have any luck please email enquiries@karenmillen.com

  5. Diana

    Hi! i’m looking everywhere for cobweb black knit dress size 2,but i can’t find it nowhere.Can i buy this dress on-line and have it delivered to Strasbourg France!
    Best regards….
    P.S. Thank you… 🙂

  6. Suzanne Stanley

    Hello- just wanted yr blog to know that yr white ruffled blouse is gonna be featured on the ‘be inspired’ page of SLimming World magazine (largest selling uk slimming mag) in the next issue (out end of jan) I really love km clothes- and when the mag contacted me to do the feature I knew what I wanted to wear! And they were nice enough to oblige! Love the new season btw- the pinstripe dress and the lady luxe dress are soooo on my wishlist! X Suzanne

  7. km editor

    Hi Diana
    That’s a beautiful dress! Sorry we’ve sold out on line, but customer services may be able to track one down for you – try emailing enquiries@karenmillen.co.uk.

  8. JD

    Hi, I am looking for a Uptown Leopard Print coat, CF020. Size 10.

    I have tried all the shops in the UK. any ideas?

  9. km editor

    Hi Suzanne
    Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look out for you!

  10. km editor

    Hi JD
    Have you tried customer services? enquiries@karenmillen.co.uk
    Good luck

  11. Diana

    Thank you!!!!!!! i bought the dress!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))

  12. km editor

    Yay! hope you like it 🙂

  13. Renata

    I love KM!!!! I am lucky to have two stores in my area in Washington DC/ USA. I tried to enter the Valentines sweepstakes, but got an error message. Is it for the UK residents only?

  14. km editor

    Hi Renata
    Sorry you had a problem entering the competition. It’s not just for UK residents, but transport to London isn’t included in the prize.

  15. careerfashion

    Your business suits have incredible details. The pockets, the top stitching, the flaps, buttons, etc. all amazing design details that makes the professional woman stand out in the crowd, amongst the conventional business suits. And I also really like the fact that the suits in your collection can be mix and match, to “re-combine” several outfits with the suit jackets and the bottoms.

  16. Hi there, please could you assist me, I am looking for a taupe panelled coat size 10, garment code is CF033, and I will be gratefull if you could help me in tracking one.

    Many thanks

  17. km editor

    Hi Norma
    Please contact customer services at enquiries@karenmillen.co.uk who will be able to assist you tracking down the coat.

  18. Hi Emma

    Thank you, I spoke to customer services who gave me a list of Karen Millen store no.s to call in the UK, unfortunately all stores were sold out, only countries such as Russia and Australia had the item in my size. Customer services told me that in order to purchase the coat I would personally have to travel to the coutries and buy it myself unless I knew of anyone who could.

    It obviously would not be worth my while to travel abroad and I do not know anyone who can, I would very much love to have the coat and I am willing to pay postage costs.

    Please could you advise me.
    Kindest regards

  19. km editor

    Hi Norma
    Sorry to hear the coat’s not available in the UK, I’m afraid unless it comes back in to stock online (which sometimes happens when items are returned) I can’t help, but I will keep an eye out and if I spot it online I’ll let you know.

  20. Marie-Louise

    I’d like to buy online and have it delivered to Sweden – I tried, but Sweden is not on the scroll list among countries when clicking international delivery?

  21. layla

    help!i need.. really need.. to buy the one shoulder black satin pencil dress.. it never arrived at mostshops and cant find it online!

  22. km editor

    Hi Marie-Louise
    Sorry about that, Sweden has mysteriously dropped off the list of delivery countries – it will be added again shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience

  23. km editor

    Hi Layla
    Unfortunately we are sold out online. This dress was part of the end of season sale, so it might not be possible to track one down now as I imagine they will all have been snapped up! But you could try customer services enquiries@karenmillen.co.uk
    Good luck!

  24. Cathy B

    RE: Tonal color block dress Ref: DG143

    Hi, I bought this dress in KM store in Dublin. I plan to wear it to my son’s communion but need 2 accessorise it with a cardi or wrap and shoes, bag and possibly neck piece. Can any one advise what would work ? Thanks. Cathy

  25. km editor

    Ooh excellent choice! There is a matching bag (GG048 ) and shoes (FG013) – or if you’re feeling bold why not go with bright patent yellow accessories – the patent peep toes (FG017) and gorgeous yellow patent bag (GG046).
    Have a lovely day!

  26. Just bought the Vintage jeans. Love them, but wish they came in different leg lenghts. At 5ft 6 I am about average, but they are way too long and have to be shortened, which is frustrating as I am dying to wear them!

  27. Jay

    I know how you feel Jackie. Most of the women I know in the UK are not 5ft 8in. Most other stores Coast etc do a petite range.

  28. Susie

    Hi there,

    I’m hoping you can help me as I’m starting to become desperate. I saw an absolutely gorgeous shirt on your website yesterday. It was blue and white stripe with a detailing in a different blue and white pattern (dots I think) at the collar and cuffs. I wasn’t able to purchase it then and when I came back online today it was gone! I NEED to get this shirt. I have no product code. Any chance that you can help? It was paired with a pair of jeans, if that’s any help. I’ve been searching the net for hours and no luck.

  29. kmadmin2

    Hi Susie,
    At the risk of sounding like a broken record (sorry!) your best bet would be to contact our customer services team at: enquiries@karenmillen.co.uk. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

  30. Bela Hollosy

    Dear Madam,

    This is the third time my heart has sunk as I have missed my chance of purchasing a ravishing coat of yours: Outwear-Taffeta mac, turquoise, size 10 (price:345 euros, Ref. no. CGO14) I would desperately need it but I am just unlucky, I believe. It must be very popular, too! Is there any chance of this glamorous coat appearing again in your web shop? Also, I trust you could deliver it to an address in Hungary, couldn’t you if I should be luckier next time and put my MasterCard to good use?

    I’ll be away for three days now, but from Tuesday next week I am going to visit your website every single day on the off-chance (but also counting on your help!)

    Best wishes,


  31. josipa

    Hi,I bought in London so beautiful dresses,begs and shoes in your store.Unfortunately,in my country isnt any Karen Millen store.Please,can you do delivery to my country-Croatia

  32. Julia


    was wondering if you could advise whom can i contact in order to talk about opening a franchise outlet of KM in Estonia.

    thank you for you reply

    p.s. and yes, i have already tried enquiries@…. its a dead end 😦

  33. kmadmin2

    Hi Julia,
    Please forward me your contact details (I will not post them on the blog) and I will put you in touch with the right person.

  34. Hi

    Does anybody out-there know where I can get the turquoise and royal blue dress (DG143) in a size 16. Everywhere seems to have sold out, but I know Australia have lots?

  35. Betty Lim

    I am from Singapore and I just want to bring to your attention that I recently bought a pair of Karen Millen Jean through phone order from Royal Exchange. I ask for PG018 (SZ12), I like this pair of Jeans very mush and it’s out of stock in Singapore. The sales person from Royal Exchange was very sure of my order before I paid up. But to my disappoinment, I received a different pair of Jeans model PG032 and its written on the receipt that came with the Jeans. This really leaves a bad taste to online orders and phone orders as they just throw me any pair of (SZ12) jeans to me, since I am unable to check the merchandise myself. I hope Karen Millen will take note of this and see if you can help to arrange for a proper exchange as I just received it yesterday.
    You can contact me if you need more details. Thank you.

  36. kmadmin2

    Hi there,
    I can completley understand your frustration with receiving the wrong product from ordering over the phone. My advice would be to call the store (their number is: +44 (0)207 626 2782 and they will rectify the problem ASAP and arrange for the exchange. I can assure you this has never happened from ordering online on our website, however I understand that this is down to a human error from ordering over the phone. Please accept our apologies.

  37. Catherine

    Big fan but disappointed with your winter 09 preview.

    Too much grunge and black! I’m in my 30s and love the colour, feminity and glamour of KM. Don’t want to go back to my student days. Please don’t become just another high street store – your creativity, cuts and colours are usually fab.

    Also your size 6 tops and dresses fit perfectly, so why not follow through the sizing to your trousers (waists are too big)?

  38. kmadmin2

    Hi Catherine,

    Sorry to hear you are disappointed with the AW09 preview. There certainly is a lot of grey in the transitional story, as we think grey is a great foundation for a winter wardrobe. It looks good with black or white, and even better with a pop of bright colour. The pieces in the Graphic Modernist, the transitional story, are versatile, adaptable and distinctly Karen Millen.

    Regarding our sizing, our waist measurement is consistant for all of our styles. However, on trousers and jeans the rise depth dictates the waist position, so depending on the individuals rise loop where the waistband sits may differ. Now this has been brought to our attention we will certainly bare it in mind going forward.


  39. Katja

    Hi Lisa!
    I’d like to ask you for a contact. I was living in Moscow and visiting Karen Millen shops every month! Love the brand, your design and all the dresses %) Now I live in the Ural region of Russia and we are thinking to open a franchise shop in Ekaterinburg. Could you give me a contact person for that question.
    many thanx in advance. Please write me back to my email.

  40. kmadmin2

    Hi Katja,
    I have passed on your email address to the appropriate person in our franchise team.
    She will be in touch with you regarding your query.

  41. Nizama

    Hi Lisa

    yet another KM fan and candidate for opening franchise shop in Bosnia-Sarajevo. Could you please pass my e mail address to your franchising team.


  42. kmadmin2

    Hi Nizama,

    I have passed on your details to our Franchise Manager and she will be in touch with you shortly.


  43. Susana Martins

    hello there,
    im saw your shop for the first time in Dubai, i had an important meeting and i was looking for a business dress, i found it in your fabulous shop, i felt really beautiful and powerfull with it. now im interested to open franchise shop in north of Portugal. can you please send my contact to your franchise manager?

  44. kmadmin2

    Hi Susana,

    I have passed on your details to our Franchise Manager and she will be in touch with you.


  45. alan

    Hi – what is the largest Karen Millen store in London?

  46. km editor

    It is the Regent Street store.
    247 Regent Street, W1B 2EW.

  47. Blanca Beneitez

    Hi There!, I´m desperate to find a gorgeous black dress, style number:DB165
    I was given a stock listing in Kingston on sunday. I´ve called Melbourne´s chapel st.Branch and they haven´t got it. I´ve trying to contact Dubai and Singapore as they appear to have it, but can´t find their phone number…could you please send them to me?, and is there any chance I can find it in any outlet in the Uk?.
    Many thanks!,


  48. Yan

    Hi there.
    I’m interested in openning a franchise shop in China. Could you please pass my details to your Franchise Team.

    Do you know if there is already any KM shop in China?


  49. Hi Blanca
    You could try contacting customer services (enquiries@karenmillen.co.uk 0845 899 4449) – they should be able to let you know if there are any available.

  50. Rachel

    i’m interested in opening a franchise in spain, however i don’t know if there is already one there. How can i find out where the outlets in europe are so that i can gauge whether or not there is a market for this.
    i have already contacted customer enquiries and head office for the international outlet details but no joy-apparentlyey they are seperate enteties and cannot be disclosed.
    Many thanks

  51. Rachel

    Thankyou for your very quick response. Are these outlet stores or normal stores. It was the outlets in the eu i was interested in. I hope you can help

  52. Hi Rachel
    We don’t have an outlet store in Spain, will be opening a European outlet later this year.

  53. Arina

    Hi KM team!
    I’ve been a big KM fan for 5 years, you make outstandingly clothes. And i wondered why is there no KM stores in Vienna(i think that austrians deserve such a great shop as KM)? That’s why I’d like to get franchise infos, where can i get it?

  54. Cats

    Could I check with you if there is a Karen Millen outlet in Tallaght Co. Dublin?

    Many thanks



  55. You can check the store locator… there are a few different stores, so if you search “Ireland” you should be able to see a list and find your nearest one.

  56. Denise Aston

    Hi there,
    Can you confirm when Karen Millen introduced a size 6 into their range?


  57. Hi Denise,
    We introduced size 6 for the Spring Summer 2007 season when we also expanded the size range to size 16s.
    Thanks for your comment.
    KM Editor

  58. suzanne

    hey Den x I was out by a year in my guess eh? Why all the interest in the size 6? x x Suze

  59. josipa

    please come to Croatia……………….

  60. Maryam

    Hello,I just wanted to say how much I love your designs.I first visited your store in Saudi Arabia.On Tahlia street.
    Your stylist there is amazing..unfortunately the store manager does not share your enthausiasim for fine customer service.He is rude and does not respect women,as he put it Karen Millen should only be worn on very young size 2 or smaller women.I know that store sells alot of items on sale..If it was’nt for the occasional size 2 princess I do not think he would be so quick to ignore size 6 ladies and above..
    I now only purchase from the the US..
    Sincerley Maryam

  61. Hi Maryam,

    Thanks for posting your comments. We are now invesigating this issue with our stores in Saudi Arabia and would like to respond to you directly in due course.


  62. Caleb


    I came across an interview on the television and saw a coverage of the Montblanc event in Beijing. I think I might have saw one of your dress, the Jacquard Moire Dress (DK004) featured on one of the celebrities invited to grace this international event.

    The dress was seen on an Asian celebrity, Chen Qiao En, who also wore the dress for the on-stage interview.

    There was no mention of this on your blog yet, so I thought maybe I could tip you off.


  63. Eva

    I just had to write and tell you about this. I bought my KM coat in Canary Wharf London, it was the Reefer Zipped coat CK038 I loved it, but very sad and heart broken I had to take it back. I am a size 8 and 5ft 1in. the waist came on my hips so the 8 would not do up, got the 10 but it jump on to my waist as it is meant to be worn, it gaped out the back, puffed up the front, it spoilt the look,had to take it back. I am not tall enough to wear KM brand, it seems I have to be 5ft 8ins. not fair. I wish I could get one to fit me.

    Yours, very sad, Eva.

  64. bunny

    Hi, I love love love KM, I have been shopping with you for years now but unfortunately I am limited to bags, tops and shoes mainly as I am petite and most dresses etc are too long for us shorter ladies. Any chance of doing some items in petite for the near future??

    Yours hopefully
    V Bond

  65. Rebecca


    Can you tell me where the biggest KM store in the UK is? Is it Gunwharf Quays?


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