Our wonderfully intricate lace separates are updated for this Spring and come in modern tailored shorts and mini-skirts, a beautiful scalloped edge jacket and a simple but dramatic shift-dress.

To give you an insight into the incredible craftsmanship that goes into the French Leavers lace used in these investment pieces, we have created a visual diary that shows every stage of the lace being made using traditional techniques such as:

The Drafter – Drafts out the intricate design of the lace
The Pianists – Punch the Card which is done on a traditional machine that looks like a piano, using the same characteristics as a barrel organ. This creates the lace motif which is generally know as a ‘jacquard’
The Bobbin Winders – Wind the bobbins using specialist threads created exclusively for French Leavers Lace
The Scallopers – Scalloping is releasing the lace by hand, as the scallop edge is cut loose
The Embroiderers – Hand embroider the surface of the lace to create more 3D lace effects
The Tullistes – Tie the threads into the loom by hand to create the multitude of threads that are woven into the lace
The Stars of the Show – The outstanding engineering of Leavers Looms

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 responses to “ATELIER INSIGHT… Lace Tailoring

  1. Seen the White shirt style dress, it is gorgeous, will definately be buying it.

    Will you have other colours in it too?

    Like bright aqua or turquoise?

    Purchased a coral and black one a couple of years back and everyone who sees me in them loves them and always asks where it is from.

  2. Kartika

    I do love your Dresses, especially the laced ones. Last year i bought several Dresses but what i´m missing is a nude coloured completely laced dress. Or like Pasqualina said a bright coloured one.

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