STYLE SOLUTIONS… Top 10 Spring Hits

We at Karen Millen have highlighted our Top Ten instant wardrobe updaters that signal all the key trends coming through for the new season; simple shapes meet dazzling colours and bold geometric stripes, sleek daywear channels a sophisticated Seventies flair, florals are given a techno-twist and we are having lots of fun with paint-box primaries.

Here are the first 5 pieces you just can’t do without this spring!!  Come back next week to see the final 5 picks.

Limited Edition Grey City Shorts (PL064)

Tailored shorts give a innovative and youthful update to a classic work wardrobe teamed with a white shirt and smart jacket.

Limited Edition Sleeveless jacket (JL009)

Declared by Vogue as “this springs new wonder piece” the sleeveless jacket is an ideal transitional piece for office, bar or picnic in the park.

Minimal White Shirt (HL003)

Old meets new in this classic white shirt with a modern vintage update.

Tan Leather Jacket (JL014)

Buttery soft and immaculately tailored this leather jacket toughens up the florals or alternatively perfectly complements the flared or slim silhouettes of the season.

Neon Texture Print Dress (DL067)

Tribal meets tropical as neon floral prints are pixilated and distorted into an iconic print of the summer.

Click here and see Tilly Macalister Smith, Fashion Co-ordinator at Vogue, as she gives us her fabulous style solutions using our Spring Top 10 Edit.


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8 responses to “STYLE SOLUTIONS… Top 10 Spring Hits

  1. I was wondering if you would be able to pass my comment to head of design team.
    I am a very regular shopper of km and am very disappointed as to why nothing in turquoise in a coat or leather jacket has been designed as I am very aware that this would truly be a unique style and colour and would sell out as fast as anything. Please can you find out if anything like this is going to be done or can be done and let me know via email.
    I am a km fan and buy at least 5 coats each year for myself from here and would love to be able to have something in that colour in leather or like the riding coat last year style but in a bright turquoise blue.
    I have already purchased the turquoise mac from 2009 and that is more of a jade but if you could design more of a turquoise/cobalt blue it would be gorgeous with silver buttons.

    I would really appreciate if you can find out and let me know either way. I have wrote previously but I have not been given a reply.

    Thanks for your help

  2. Hi Miliyka
    Our team have dropped you an email.

  3. Hi,

    I have also tried for a coat in the bright turquoise or aqua blu and is so hard to find, but it would be fab if karen millen would bring that as I would buy one straight away. It is a beautiful colour and with karen millen design it would be even more stunning.
    Please pass my comment on so this can be actioned and customer interest in this colour is very popular

  4. My wife is km crazy and she always mentions that why can’t km bring a turquoise coat out and I always say write to them and They may be able to do something in the coming trends.
    I was just looking on the site for a birthday present for herand read the previous comment and thought I should mention my crazy wife that she would be another sale for km.

  5. Turquoise and silver that sounds unique definitely km piece. I haven’t seen much in them colours at km, oasis and coast bring that colour more but would be nice to see km.

  6. Is the tan leather jacket available yet?

  7. Susan

    A turquoise coat like the first class stamp sign would be great, I would be delightful to c dat, definitely a purchase from me too, please find out and reply back here.

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