Wedding Bliss in a Karen Millen Dress!

One of our Facebook fans got married in a beautiful one shoulder, satin Karen Millen dress… Here’s how the day went for newlywed Laura Barilari Armellini.

“I had already bought a wedding dress from another shop and went to Lakeside to buy just sandals with my friend Gemma. I am from Uruguay and I do not know many shops yet as I moved recently to get married. My friend Gemma took me to Karen Millen and as soon as I saw the dress on the hanger I fell in love with it! The girls from the shop gave me the sandals to try as well and all the outfit was just for me: sexy and elegant! two qualities I always try to have in my outfits.

Karen Millen Wedding Dress

Laura with her new husband

Of course, I took back the first wedding dress! We got married on May 22nd in a very small and private wedding on a beautiful sunny day. My husband as soon as he saw me said: “Always sexy and gorgeous, that dress is very you! I was not expecting anything else.”

I love that dress and it was the thing I love most from my wedding – apart from my husband! Thanks to my friend and Karen Millen for making my day so special.”

Laura Barilari Armellini


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3 responses to “Wedding Bliss in a Karen Millen Dress!

  1. Gemma Raia

    i bought exactly the same dress and shoes for my wedding happening next august in las vegas! great minds think alike! btw the dress looks amazing x

  2. Laura Barilari Armellini

    Gemma, I am sure you will be lovely in that dress! the dress fits perfectly in all the bodies, it was the best shopping in ages!
    good luck and do not forget to put your pics after the wedding! x

  3. I love this dress. The bride looks chic, stylish and trendy. It can be worn after the wedding which is a plus!

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