Behind the design – Rose Print Dress

Dan, former design intern at Karen Millen, is now a fully fledged designer and member of the press team. He worked on the design of the floral dress and this is the story behind the design…

“One of the things I’ve been lucky enough to work on while I’ve been in Karen Millen’s design department has been developing prints. I didn’t really do any prints during my time at University, so it’s something new that I’ve learnt how to do! The prints are almost entirely designed on the computer, and it can take a very long time to get them right! I worked on two versions of a floral print that’s being used on dresses and a skirt as part of the Summer collection.

I started out with a swatch of fabric that one of the designers, Gill, had found and wanted to use, and scanned this in. The idea for one of the dresses was that the print should be designed to look like roses were falling down the skirt section of the dress, so to do this I took the scanned in image of one of the roses and began manipulating it.

The original swatch of fabric had the roses in shades or orange and red, so after choosing one rose to work with I began to play around with the colours. The final version has roses of various pastel shades of green and yellow.

Once I’d altered the colours I checked back with Gill, who said she’d like the roses to be larger and fuller.  I began to add in more petals as well as a few leaves, and converted these to the new colour scheme. Once we were happy with the actual shape of roses I began to arrange them into a pattern that would look as if they were drifting down the dress, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds! It took many attempts to get them into a pattern that didn’t look too regular.


Taking the pattern to the next step…

We also did a much larger scale version of the print, which was going to be used on a more formal fitting dress, but again in the pastel shades of green and yellow. When samples of both dresses arrived back to the offices it was really nice to see the print on an actual garment and not just on my computer screen. I got to see the dress shot on the model at one of the catwalk shoots also, which was really great.

This has also been used for coordinating shoes and bag, which I think look fab as pieces in their own right.”

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